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There are many resources in our community to support you as you care for children from hard places. We urge you to take advantage of them, so you can continue the hard work you are doing. 

Image by Jessica Ruscello

Facebook Groups

Heart & Home / The Closet Facebook Page

Safe, Precious and Heard is a community of foster, adoptive and kinship families.  It embraces a biblical world-view and the Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) parenting model as the foundation for hope and healing. To join this private group, email


Classes offered by Saddleback Community College, Foster and Kinship Care Education

From classes on how to mentor teens, to attachment and connection, to trust-based relational intervention, Saddleback offers a range of courses to support foster and adoptive parents. Click here to view current classes:

Saddleback Foster & Kinship Care Education


The Advocates Mini-Series

An orphan care travel show reclaiming a lost generation and uncovering the truth about international orphan care.

Let Us Rise by Joshua Weigel

3-minute video


Be the Light by Joshua Weigel

2-minute video


Removed Part 1 

12-minute video


Removed Part 2

22-minute video


Removed Part 3

22-minute video




HBO ‘Foster’ Documentary (This can be viewed by getting a free trial period with HBO)

1 hour 53 minutes


Instant Family

1 hour 58 minute movie starring Mark Wahlberg


Playing with Fire

1 hour 35 minute movie


Antwone Fisher 

2-hour movie starring Denzel Washington.


I Can Only Imagine

1 hour 50 minutes.

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